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SeaWeev is our soft, anti-microbial fabric made with Kelp.

  • It all begins with a Tree

    Beech Trees are grown and harvest to make pulp for the base fabric. This process is more environmentally friendly and uses 20x less water than harvesting cotton.

  • Harvested from the Sea

    Kelp grows vertically in the ocean making it one of the most efficient crops. After harvest we extract the essential materials to make SeaWeev with.

  • Pulped then Spun

    The tree fiber is shreaded and pulped, then pulled through a filter to make the ultra-soft fibers used in MicroModal. The essential materials from the Kelp harvest is added and spun into yarn.

  • Yarn becomes SeaWeev

    The spun yarn is weaved into a soft, high-density knit and then dyed. It is now SeaWeev and ready for use in our production.


Our underwear is crafted from a blend of modal and Seeweav, both materials are environmentally friendly.

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  • It’s like cradling your boys in a heavenly cloud

    These are now one of my favorite underwear. They truly are the most comfortable ones I have worn in my life

  • The LAST underwear I'll ever own

    I ve already done this but it bears repeating. This is THE most comfortable non binding or bunching underwear EVER.

  • Pleasantly suprised

    Quite frankly, I didn't think they would be any better than the others I've tried. I was happily mistaken. They do feel like they are barely there and are quite comfortable.

  • So soft

    Only wore them once so far, but they are extremely comfortable and soft. Really feel like you’re wearing nothing at all with everything still staying put. Plan to buy more!

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