The Animals of the Serengheti

Ah, the Serengeti. Wide open fields, plenty of parking, and filled with oversize cats that can eat you. So instead of risking your butt we risked ours to present to you the most intimate of images from a most infamous location.

Long-necked horses, or as the indians call them “Maize”, run through the plain in small numbers. Scientists believe the longer neck helps them reach the leaves on the top of trees. What they didn’t know before is that it gives them an impressive baritone for when they sing a Pearl Jam cover at the open mike.

The majestic Elephant. Always ready to travel since they take their trunk everywhere they go. Hannibal famously rode one through the Alps. After that the elephant union went on strike and humans had to rely on horses for transportation. Look at this one just stare you in the eyes, just beautiful!

Cheetah Cheetah run so fast.
Cheetah Cheetah looks so fierce.
Cheetah Cheetah stop biting my neck!

Finally on our tour, the Lion, King of the Jungle. Except the Serengeti is a savanna ecosystem. I’m so confused. Was it all just a lie dear Lion? Would make sense, why should you care about telling the truth. Do you tell Mrs. Lion you are going to work every day just to take a nap and let her do all the cooking? It’s time to get woke Mr. Lion, its 2019 and those days are behind us now.

Thank you for joining us on our tour around the Serengeti. We hoped you learned something and were entertained. Stay tuned for next week. Who knows, maybe we will have another idea by then.